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Welcome to LUX Fitness – where fitness transcends routine to become a lifestyle. Through our website, discover a holistic fitness and health approach, combining personalized training, advanced online coaching, and comprehensive physical therapy. Join us on a journey towards your best self, backed by expert guidance and innovative wellness services. Explore our exclusive memberships and unique offerings to elevate your fitness experience.

Personal Training

Step Up Your Fitness Game with Custom Personal Training: Take your fitness to new heights with the guidance of an expert. Customized training regimes, bespoke strategies, and constant encouragement enable you to break through barriers and reach your fitness aspirations. Fuel your drive and mold the finest version of yourself through dedicated personal training.

Train Like a Pro

Elevate your performance to professional levels. Our specialized training regimen is tailored for those aiming to compete at high levels or seeking to dramatically improve their athletic capabilities. Combining advanced strength, conditioning, and agility training with sport-specific coaching, the program is designed to push your limits and optimize your performance.

Physical Therapy

Revitalize Your Well-being with Physical Therapy: Restore your ability to move freely and without discomfort. Therapy directed by specialists, crafted to suit your personal requirements, centers on recovery, building strength, and enduring health. Experience the exhilaration of unrestricted movement and take back command of your well-being through customized physical therapy.


Elevating Your Fitness Journey: Tailored Services for Every Aspect of Wellness

  • Boxing

    Step into our boxing ring where dedication meets technique, offering you a space to challenge your limits and sharpen your skills amidst peers who share your passion for the sport.

    Boxing Ring
  • Physiotherapist

    Discover a sanctuary for recovery and enhancement at our physiotherapy section, where expert care meets personalized treatment plans designed to elevate your physical well-being and athletic performance.

  • Health Bar

    Rejuvenate at our wellness bar, featuring a variety of smoothies, energy drinks, and nutritious snacks designed to nourish your body and mind, keeping you revitalized during your fitness session.

  • Barbershop

    Discover style and precision at our barbershop, combining classic grooming with modern techniques. Our skilled barbers are dedicated to perfecting your look, ensuring you leave refreshed and confident!

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